Celebrating 16 Years of Excellence!
Kairos: A Consort of Singers was formed in 1994 by Brother Randall Horton, a member of the Holy Cross Episcopal Monastery in West Park, New York. In 1996 the group was reorganized under its current Artistic Director, Dr. Edward Lundergan.

In the spring of 2006 Kairos began an ambitious Bach Cantata Series at Holy Cross, patterned on the Emmanuel Church (Boston) model of performing a Bach cantata within the context of a service. A decision was made to present the cantatas as the central feature of a choral evensong service, with an opening hymn, a brief prayer (collect), the cantata performance, performance of an instrumental work as a meditation, closing prayer, and final hymn. Kairos believes that the choral evensong service provides the best opportunity for audiences to hear Bach's cantatas in the context in which they were written while being inclusive enough for people of all faiths (and no professed or held faith). The services are always free to the public and all are welcome, regardless of religious affiliation.


Kairos has gathered the finest instrumentalists in the Hudson Valley for its Bach Cantata Series, including Ruthanne Schempf (harpsichord), James Fitzwilliam (organ), Susan Seligman (cello), Marka Young (violin), Rachel Handman (violin), Rachel Evans (violin/viola), Marla Rathbun (violin), Rhonni Hallman (violin), Elizabeth Handman (viola), Joël Evans (oboe), Ann Churukian (oboe), Allison Rubin (oboe), Marcia Gates (flute), Bonnie Ham (flute), Phil Helm (bass), Lou Pappas (bass), and other talented musicians depending on the cantata being performed. The result is a professional, spirited and joyful collaboration which has provided audiences with wonderful, moving performances of Bach's most intimate and spiritual music. The series has become in integral part of the cultural and musical life of the Hudson Valley and continues to receive wide critical acclaim.


We invite you to help support this worthwhile and important Series

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Kairos' Bach Cantata performances by year


April 16, 2006 (Easter) No. 4, Christ lag in Todesbanden

June 11, 2006 No. 150, Nach dir, Herr, verlanget mich

October 23, 2006 No. 47, Wer sich selbst erhöhet

December 3, 2006 No. 61, Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland




February 4, 2007 No. 82, Ich habe genug

      - Barbara Hardgrave, mezzo soprano

April 8, 2007 (Easter) No. 4, Christ lag in Todesbanden

June 3, 2007 No. 21, Ich hatte viel Bekümmernis

September 23, 2007 No. 199, Mein Herze schwimmt in Blut

      - Carol Lundergan, soprano

October 28, 2007 No. 93, Wer nur den lieben Gott lässt walten

December 30, 2007 No. 122, Das neugeborne Kindelein




January 27, 2008 No. 124, Meinen Jesum lass ich nicht

March 23, 2008 (Easter) No. 4, Christ lag in Todesbanden

June 8, 2008 No. 39, Brich dem Hungrigen dein Brot

September 21, 2008 No. 27, Wer weiss, wie nahe mir mein Ende

October 19, 2008 No. 139, Wohl dem, der sich auf seinen Gott

January 25, 2009 No. 140, Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme




February 22, & 26, 2009 No. 72, Alles nur nach Gottes Willen

April 12, 2009 (Easter) No. 4, Christ lag in Todesbanden

June 7, 2009 No. 37, Wer da gläubet und getauft wird

September 27, 2009 No. 8, Liebster Gott, wann werd ich sterben?

October 25, 2009 No. 77, Du sollst Gott, deinen Herren, lieben

January 9/10, 2010 BWV 243, Magnificat (also Handel's Dixit Dominus)




February 7, 2010 No. 131, Aus der Tiefen rufe ich, Herr, zu dir

April 4, 2010 (Easter) No. 4, Christ lag in Todesbanden

June 6, 2010 No. 186, Ärgre dich, O Seele, nicht

September 26, 2010 No. 78, Jesu, der du meine Seele

October 24, 2010 No. 192, Nun danket alle Gott

BWV 227, Jesu meine Freude

December 19, 2010 BWV 229, Komm, Jesu, komm


February 19, 2012 No. 96, Herr Christ, der ein'ge Gottessohn

May 20, 2012 No. 44, Sie werden euch in den Bann tun

September 30, 2012 No. 80, Ein' feste Burg ist unser Gott

December 2, 2012 No. 62, Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland


February 3, 2013 No. 147, Herr und Mund und Tat und Leben

May 19, 2013 No. 184, Erwünschtes Freudenlicht

September 29, 2013 No. 5, Wo soll ich fliehen hin

October 20, 2013 No. 115, Mache dich, mein Geist, bereit


February 2, 2014 No. 106, Gottes Zeit ist die allerbeste Zeit

May 18, 2014 No. 109, Ich glaube, lieber Herr

November 9, 2014 Mass in B Minor, BWV 232


February 8, 2015 No. 67, Halt im Gedächtnis Jesum Christ

May 17, 2015 No. 101, Nimm von uns, Herr, du treuer Gott

October 18, 2015 No. 72, Alles nur nach Gottes Willen

December 20, 2015 No. 140, Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme


February 21, 2016 No. 161, Komm, du süsse Todesstunde

May 15, 2016 No. 9, Es ist das Heil uns kommen her

October 9, 2016 No. 7, Christ unser Herr zum Jordan kam

December 18, 2016 BWV 225, Singet dem Herrn ein neues Lied


February 5, 2017 No. 64, Sehet, welch eine Liebe hat uns der Vater


May 7, 2017 No. 97, In allen meinen Taten

October 1, 2017 No. 95, Christus, der ist mein Leben


February 4, 2018 No. 70, Wachet! Betet!

May 20, 2018 No. 127, Herr Jesu Christ, wahr' Mensch und Gott

October 7, 2018 No. 76, Die Himmel Erzählen die Ehre Gottes


February 10, 2019 No. 22, Jesus nahm zu sich die Zwölfe

May 12, 2019 No. 138, Warum betrübst du dich, mein Herz

June 9, 2019 (H.V. BachFest) BWV 228, Fürchte dich nicht

June 15, 2019 (H.V. BachFest) BWV 1083, Tilge, Höchester, meine Sünden

October 6, 2019 No. 18, Gleichwie der Regen und Schnee vom Himmel fällt


October 24, 2021 No. 131, Aus der Tiefen rufe ich, Herr, zu dir


March 6, 2022 No. 187, Es wartet alles auf dich